If you consider yourself a savvy IT tech buyer, you're interested in buying a truly enterprise-class flash solution, not just a "good enough" flash solution. 


To ensure you make the most educated decision for your organization's flash storage solution, here are 16 questions to consider when buying flash storage. 

For quick consumption, view the infographic instead below.

Flash Storage Cost

1. Does the vendor have the right data compaction technologies?

2. How does the vendor address capacity and system density?

3. How will the vendor help you move your aging data?

Flash Storage Performance

4. How does the vendor address scalability?

5. Does the vendor enable deduplication when and where you need it?

6. What about IOPS, latency and bandwidth?

7. Can the vendor give you performance even during failures?

8. Does the vendor have a truly flash-optimized architecture?

Flash Storage Resiliency & Scale

9. Has the vendor proven they have enterprise-class Flash?

10. How does the vendor bullet-proof your data?

11. Does the vendor have a datacenter feature set?

12. Can the vendor scale for modern IT requirements and future growth?

Flash Storage backup and recovery

13. What backup/recovery capabilities are available?

14. How will the vendor help integrate backup/recovery into my current environment?

15. What is the vendor's approach to deduplication?

16. How does the vendor ensure recoverability of data? 

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