Everything You Need to Know to Get Approval on Your IT Storage Project

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You’ve been in this spot plenty of times before. You know full well the benefits of new storage technology because you see how your existing storage equipment simply isn’t getting the job done. If anything, it’s become more of a burden from a cost, efficiency, and productivity standpoint. Your outdated, obsolete storage solution is not only debilitating day-to-day productivity, it’s standing in the way of organizational growth.

However, taking the next step to put a storage project proposal into action is hardly a walk in the park. There are a lot of steps involved in getting an IT storage project off the ground – not to mention the many people involved.

It’s not only about presenting the business case for the technology itself. In putting together a storage project plan, presenting it, and then owning the subsequent execution steps, you have to be prepared to answer financial, organizational, operational, and personnel questions.

Along with the project plan, earning approval on a proposed project also means keeping track of approval trends, project priority, cost factors, and the key players who are involved.

In this strategy guide, we’ll cover all of the critical project components you need to put together a storage plan that will gain approval from stakeholders.

IT Project Leadership

To use a basketball analogy, as the IT storage project lead, you are like the point guard of your organization. You are not only the project facilitator, you are the project executor.

In many instances, you’ll be delegating responsibilities to your storage project team to ensure that certain tasks are fulfilled. Your team is counting on you to call and run the plays (so to speak) and make any adjustments in the planning process along the way. It’s up to you to take control of the project from the beginning to ensure a smooth approval process.

As a project lead, here are three key skills needed to put together a winning storage proposal: ...


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