Businesses and retail operations had a big year in 2014. When it comes to data breaches, they took the brunt of online intrusions made by malicious hackers.

Organizations need to take a closer look at the flaws in their security systems and implement solutions to any vulnerabilities in their data protection policies, especially since more of the same is in store this year.  

So what type of threats and targets can we expect in 2015? Healthcare is high on the list. The troubled Affordable Care Act website has been subject to a handful of hacking attempts, including at least one that intended to bring the site down. Since healthcare records hold a lot of personal information, expect more targeted attacks.

Internet of Things is also becoming an increasingly favored target by hackers. Techradar reports there have already been hacks perpetrated against cars, home thermostats, and even refrigerators. But for cyber thieves, there’s really nothing to be gained from hacking these devices. According to Techradar, the biggest threats for IoT will likely come in the manufacturing and industrial environments of business, rather than at the consumer level.

Espionage is nothing new between countries, but state-sponsored cyber-espionage has become increasingly sophisticated and damaging. Just recently, the White House computer networks were breached by Russian hackers. And for at least five years, according to Stay Safe Online, hackers from the People’s Republic of China have been responsible for the infiltration of more than 70 national governments, global corporations, and nonprofits in 14 countries.

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