ScalabilityIn a previous blog, “Blueprint for high performance virtual storage with HP StoreVirtual VSA and flash drives,” Calvin Zito wrote about how using flash drives with hyper-converged infrastructure can help companies scale to meet changing workloads without wasting money and resources on overprovisioning to handle peak workloads.

Designing flash storage into your software-defined storage enhances the scalability of hyper-converged architecture, making your business more flexible and agile to meet changing needs. As flash storage density increases and costs are lowering, it becomes an increasingly attractive option for increasing scalability while reducing the footprint of your data center.

Taking Scalability to the Next Level with Flash

Hyper-converged infrastructure is already easily scalable because it is constructed of pre-engineered building blocks. As capacity grows, your business can acquire more blocks of compute, storage, and networking. Using all-flash storage as part of a hyper-converged architecture provides an alternative to this strategy by boosting the capacity and performance efficiency of your storage. Flash storage cuts capacity requirements by 75% through deduplication and compression while reducing latency by 70%.

No More Guessing Games

GuessingIn the past, companies were forced to overprovision because it was difficult to anticipate future growth. Rather than fall short, organizations overestimated their future storage needs. When data growth didn’t meet expectations, they were left with unneeded resources. With flash storage, your business can make more accurate estimations of capacity needs through thin provisioning. Thin provisioning enables you to allocate storage capacity tailored to the needs of your applications. Even if the additional storage isn’t needed right away, it is available on demand when needed.

Even seasonal businesses with extreme peaks and valleys in capacity needs can operate efficiently without overprovisioning by taking advantage of all-flash storage in their hyper-converged infrastructure.

Discover how flash storage can help your business battle overprovisioning by contacting HP to learn more about StoreVirtual.


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