Two is better than one.

Birds of a feather flock together.
The sum is greater than its parts.

There are so many sayings about finding the right match, and we know why that is. When people, ideas, and companies come together, great things happen. Technology is a great example. When companies collaborate and partner together, the end user gets to reap the rewards of new, enhanced services. Likewise, companies get an in with new markets previously unavailable.

Partnership in technology has become especially important in the world of IT security, where new data breaches and malicious threats are developed every second. The market has been calling for an answer – a union between two companies strong enough to wage battle against cyber-attacks. Well, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FireEye have teamed up to answer that call. 


Finally a Sigh of Relief…

At the RSA Conference last week, it was announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FireEye are collaborating in a partnership aimed at developing advanced network threat detection and analysis software. SiliconBeat reported that this deal would allow HPE, FireEye, and Mandiant to join forces to create a global incident response services group. This group’s aim would be to investigate cyber security events, assess compromises, and manage threat protection. With security still topping every list of CIO concerns published over the last couple of years, this new partnership is bound to bring a sigh of relief to many.

An Answer to Demands of Any Size

Historically, larger corporations and governments utilized one type of company for security management while medium-sized corporations and private businesses typically sourced security services from in-house teams or smaller vendors. Now, enterprises aren’t the only ones with access to the best security products. FireEye acquired Mandient for their specialization in government security and their experience in managing major company breaches. By forging a partnership with HP, FireEye is now able to co-brand their Mandiant services and create an affordable version for smaller companies. According to Mike Nefkens, Executive Vice President of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, these new offerings would help more clients analyze and improve their defense before the next big cyber-attack.

A Partnership For Collaboration

As noted earlier, oftentimes two is better than one, and the best part of any partnership is the collaboration between experts. reports that the HPE and FireEye partnership involves detailed contract commitments around hiring, compensation incentives, and marketing initiatives. Overall, this partnership is set to raise the services bar in the security market.

One Plus One Equals Four

A team of over 5,000 HPE security consultants is poised to position FireEye technology. FireEye Chief Executive David DeWalt described the deal as "capability meeting scale." With such an immense team, the global market will be able to take advantage of the partnership in a way that has never been attempted before. DeWalt also said that they plan to target HP's top 1,000 strategic clients. This will help “jump-start” the partnership of both companies globally. “We think this is going to be one plus one equals four,” DeWalt stated.

The more the merrier as security demands and pressures continue to increase across different industries spanning the globe.

The HPE partnership with FireEye has the potentical to change everything. After a record number of breaches that targeted Fortune 500 companies last year, there’s no question why security is a major issue for CIOs and other business executives. This new collaboration between HPE and FireEye will hopefully help combat threats on the global scale while still offering enterprise-grade security solutions to mid-size business.


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